Senior Assisted Living Community Holiday Etiquette: Do This Instead Of That


If you have a loved one who has recently moved to a senior assisted living community, you may be starting to plan ahead to make their holidays as special as possible. Unfortunately, many people have good intentions, but they may not realize that they are making mistakes or breaking rules when they try to decorate their loved one's room or bring sweet treats. Here are a few alternative tips that you should consider if you are looking to make your loved one's holiday season bright and merry at a senior assisted living community.

11 October 2022

How In-Home Memory Care Can Be Best For Your Loved One With Dementia


If you have a loved one with dementia, putting them into a memory care facility may seem like the best idea. However, you can get them in-home memory care instead. If your loved one struggles in new surroundings or you would feel more comfortable having them taken care of at home, then in-home memory care may be the best solution for your family as well as your loved one. Dementia is unfortunately something that worsens with time and memory loss doesn't improve much in most cases, even with intervention.

26 July 2022

Senior Assisted Living Services Or Skilled Nursing Care? How To Choose The Right Option


Are senior assisted living services different from skilled nursing or nursing home care? If your parents or grandparent can no longer live independently but you're not sure what type of care they need, take a look at what you need to know about senior assisted living services, the aging adult's needs, and your family's options. The Level of Care An elderly assisted living facility and a skilled nursing center offer different levels of care.

5 May 2022