Parent Have Dementia? When It Is Time For Memory Care And Tips For Finding A Memory Care Facility


If you have a parent that has dementia, there will be a time when it will be hard to care for them. This is a progressive disease and there will come a time when your parent's memory gets worse, which may be time for them to go to a memory care facility. Below is information on how to know it is time, as well as tips for finding a good memory care facility for them. 

Memory Problems

In the beginning, your parent's memory will decrease. Your parent will forget how to add and subtract, which will make it difficult for them to do their banking. As the problem progresses, they may give people money or take out loans they normally wouldn't. They can max out credit cards by ordering things on TV. They may even put cash in the mailbox. This is a time to consider memory care as your parent's finances will get out of hand and will be bad by the time you realize it. 

Your parent will forget how to cook, and you may find they forget to turn a burner off when they are finished cooking. They may not use a knife correctly and cut themselves. If they bake something in the oven, they may forget to set a timer. All of this can lead to a fire or injury. 

Your parent will eventually have problems going to the bathroom and will soil themselves. This can be frustrating to them, as well as the caregiver. Your parent may fight you because they are embarrassed, and as the disease progresses, they will not know when they need to go to the bathroom. 

Finding a Memory Care Facility

It can be difficult to make the decision of putting a parent in a memory care facility. Unless there is someone that can watch them 24/7, this is the best place for them. When looking for a memory care facility for them ask the facility what features and amenities they have available. They should have someone to prepare meals for your parent and be able to cater to their specific diet. Someone may need to feed your parent if they cannot do this on their own. Ask the facility how many meals and snacks they provide each day. They should have activities that help with memory. 

Ask the memory care facility if the employees are trained to work with people that have dementia. Ask them how they handle things like anger outbursts, resisting to go to the bathroom or to get bathed or showered, and much more. Your parent may try to leave at times, so the facility should be secured with locked doors and rooms. 

Visit a few memory care facilities until you find one you feel comfortable with. 


17 December 2021

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