Holiday Activities To Do With Alzheimer’s Patients To Keep The Mind Strong

When you have a family member who is dealing with Alzheimer’s or dementia, it can be so crucial to keep them involved with some activities that improve their mental health. As holiday seasons approach, it can be a great time to have them partake in some fun activities that are based on the holiday to keep their spirits up but which also challenge them mentally. No matter what the holiday may be, from Independence Day to Christmas, think of some ideas you can do during the holidays with your loved one to help them. The following are some ideas:

Make a Fun Dessert

Any holiday season is a great time to explore new dessert recipes. Get some cookbooks from the library for the two of you to thumb through to see if any desserts look fun and interesting to make. Consider choosing books with really nice pictures of the finished dessert to help your loved one who may be having problems understanding the words in the book. Cooking activities are great for keeping the mind strong, particularly because it involves measuring and counting ingredients.

Handwork Craft Projects

Consider coming up with some new handwork craft projects that you can do with your loved one. Things like crocheting, knitting, and cross-stitching can be very great for Alzheimer’s patients. These types of projects require memorization and thought, even with some of the simplest patterns. Look for some easy patterns for holiday projects you can do together, such as a nice scarf for a Christmas gift or a brand new piece of cross-stitched wall art for Easter. These are great activities to do even if you or your loved one does not know how to do these crafts. There are plenty of books and tutorials for beginners. You can both learn together and have some fun in the process.

Create a Door Wreath

If your loved one is living in a nursing home or assisted living facility like Haven  Care, consider helping them make a door wreath to add some festivity to their room. You can make a wreath for any holiday with a few items from the craft store. Grab a wreath form that you can embellish with ribbons, flowers, foam cutouts, faux greenery, and anything else you can come up with. Help them come up with a design and help them see it through to the end. This creates a full trail of thought for them to concentrate on.

The holidays can sometimes be a sad time for those who are living with this debilitating disease. Incorporating some fun and festive activities to any holiday season can be a bright spot into their lives. Keep the activities fun and exciting for the both of you.