3 Things To Check Out When Touring A Retirement Home To Soothe Your Loved One's Mind


If someone you love needs to move into a retirement home, it's understandable if things are a little bit emotional, especially if the loved one doesn't want to leave their house. One way you can help alleviate some of these emotions is by going on a tour of a retirement facility, such as Hillcrest Assisted Living, with your loved one before they actually move in. If you want your loved one to be OK with their new environment and feel good about the move yourself, here are three things you should do or keep an eye out for during your visit.

Eat a Meal While There

One way you can help show your senior that the retirement home is going to be OK is to let them sample the menu while there. They may have a preconceived notion in their mind that they will be served second rate food but with most retirement homes today, that's not the case. Some retirement homes even put a focus on delivering multiple, healthy and delicious food choices each and every day. Taking in a meal might also be an opportunity for your senior to meet some other residents in the cafeteria.

Inquire About Safety and Security

Both you and your senior are likely concerned about what measures the retirement home has in place to protect and secure the facility. Ask an employee how your senior would contact someone in case of an emergency. If your senior has trouble walking, look for things like grab bars in certain locations that they can use to steady themselves. Ask about the visitation policy including the hours and how visitors are screened before being allowed.

Observe Staff Friendliness and Resident Cleanliness

Make it a point to try and talk to multiple employees and see how they interact with you. But also try and watch a few interactions between the staff and the residents. While you're at it, pay close attention to the cleanliness of the facility and the residents themselves. Do the older residents who maybe can't take care of themselves that well still look like they are freshly bathed and well put-together? Trust your instincts. 

Some seniors may view retirement homes in a negative light but a tour of the facility you are considering could possibly change their mind. Spend a good amount of time with each facility you are considering and give your senior opportunities to interact with others and maybe even get in a meal during the tour. As for yourself, engage with the staff as much as possible and inquire about safety and security practices to make sure you are picking the best possible retirement home for your loved one.


6 June 2016

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