Tips For Celebrating Halloween At An Assisted Living Facility


If you have a loved one who lives in assisted living, there is a good chance that you are going to want to make sure that he or she is not alone for any of the holidays. Although most people think about holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas for visiting relatives in assisted livings, some residents are highly invested in other holidays such as Halloween. Here are some tips for celebrating Halloween at an assisted living facility.

1. Schedule an Alternate Trick-or-Treating Session for Kids

Many people in assisted living facilities have grandchildren or other younger relatives and friends that would still be interested in trick-or-treating. Other relatives fondly remember passing out candy on Halloween. Talk to the assisted living facility at which your relative lives and see if they would be willing to have you invite members of the community--or just relatives of the residents of the assisted living facility--to come and trick-or-treat a weekend before or after Halloween. This would be a great opportunity for kids to wear their costumes more than once and for residents of the facility to feel more connected to their younger relatives.

In order to make this a success, start advertising several weeks before Halloween so that families with children can see the advertisement when they visit earlier in October. Have the assisted living send out an email as well. Set up a sign-up list for relatives to also bring candy. All of this will make it easier for you to get people involved and get some of the costs covered. Finally, set a route through the halls with the help of those running the facility so that you can create areas where trick-or-treaters will not go for those who do not want to participate.

2. Decorate

If there are not a lot of children in the assisted living community, ask the facility if you can at least decorate the common areas. Have the residents help you and even create the decorations by hosting a craft day with black glitter, Halloween stickers, and poster board. This will help residents feel more connected to the holiday and overall, more festive.

By taking these small steps, you will be able to ensure that your relative in the assisted living facility is able to celebrate Halloween in a style that he or she enjoys, allowing him or her to feel more strongly connected with his or her life. Talk to employees of the assisted living facility for more details.


3 June 2016

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