Need To Find Your Parent A Nursing Home? What To Consider


If you know it's time to put your parent in a nursing home but you aren't sure what they can afford, or what local facility will be best, there are some important things to consider. You don't want to just send them to the cheapest or closest option, instead you need to take your time to find the right fit. Here are a few of the things you'll want to do before you spring the news on your parent, and before you make any decisions.

Talk with Their Physician

Talk with your parent's physician to see what type of care they recommend. The physician may think that your parent could live in an assisted living facility that has individual apartments, and where your parent isn't supervised around the clock. Instead, they'll get privacy and can still do things independently, but they have help if it's needed or if there is an emergency. It may be recommended that your parent goes into a nursing home where there is staff checking in regularly, distributing medicine and preparing all meals.

Call the Medical Insurance Provider

A big part of your decision may be the cost, so you'll want to call your parent's insurance provider to see what they are willing to cover, so you know what your parent can afford. This will allow you to see what facilities they could afford to use throughout the year, and you may want to see if they have any life insurance coverage that assists with care, or any other policy related to nursing care planning.

Look at Local Options

Walk through all the local options in your area, to see what activities are available, which locations have the best atmosphere and staff, and to see what you think would be the best fit. Check the health department records of all the local facilities to see if there are any major concerns, and also make sure all staff have an RN and registered STNA's on duty.

You want to make sure that your parent gets the care that they need and that they are safe, so see what you can afford and what nursing home placement options you think are the nicest for your parent. Once you have explored the options you'll want to go over them with your parent, and you can all decide together what is going to be the best fit for them at this time. 


25 May 2016

Helping Mom To Settle In

After I realized that my mom couldn't live on her own anymore, I started shopping for the right assisted living center. It was challenging and she was nervous about making the transition, but I knew that it would be in her best interest. After finding an incredible senior center, I moved her in and she actually started to enjoy the experience. This blog is all about helping your elderly loved ones to settle in, enjoy their time in senior living, and make the most of their new lives. You never know, by making the right decisions, your parents could enjoy a happier, healthier life.