Thoughtful Gifts For Those Who Are Transitioning To Senior Living


Moving into a personal care home can be a big change for many senior citizens who decide that this option is best for them. It can be exciting for many people, as they get to move to a home that offers many perks, amenities, and organized activities. No matter how happy that the person is to be transitioning into senior living facilities, giving them a housewarming gift can make the experience even better. Consider these "housewarming" gifts that can help make the transition easier.


When a senior is moving into a new care facility, they may be anxious that they won't have enough entertainment and opportunities for fun. This is untrue since personal care homes are designed with the holistic needs of residents in mind, and entertainment is plentiful. However, it can be very reassuring for someone to receive plenty of entertainment that they can enjoy on their own if they don't want to venture far from their rooms. Some popular entertainment that can be enjoyed solo include:

  • Books in their favorite genre
  • Board games for one
  • Solo card games
  • Portable DVD player with screen and DVDs
  • Laptop computer
  • Tablet
  • Blank journals and pens
  • Craft kits

Whole Bed Set

When one is moving into a personal care home, the blankets, sheets, pillowcases, and comforter that they used in their former home may make them sad. It could be a reminder of a house that they may have had a hard time leaving behind. Cheer them up with a whole new bed set that has a color and pattern that they enjoy. Whether it's paisley or Star Wars that delights them, choose carefully, and be sure it's something that they are fine with others seeing since caregivers may be entering the room frequently if they need a lot of care.

New Outfit

If the senior living facilities offer weekly activities like dances or other semi-formal occasions, you may want to surprise the person with a new outfit. Either treat them to a shopping trip in which you buy the gift or present the outfit to them directly. Since clothes are sometimes a matter of taste, be sure to include a gift receipt with this present. It's a fun one that can serve as a reminder of all the fun times that are in store for your loved one in their new home.

Finally, keep in mind that the perfect gift for your loved one depends on their attitude towards the transition and their personal preferences. Talk to them frequently as you are choosing a gift. When in doubt, feel free to openly ask what sort of gift would make them feel better at this time, and you just may get exactly the answer you need. When in doubt, the gifts on this list are sure to delight seniors.


24 May 2016

Helping Mom To Settle In

After I realized that my mom couldn't live on her own anymore, I started shopping for the right assisted living center. It was challenging and she was nervous about making the transition, but I knew that it would be in her best interest. After finding an incredible senior center, I moved her in and she actually started to enjoy the experience. This blog is all about helping your elderly loved ones to settle in, enjoy their time in senior living, and make the most of their new lives. You never know, by making the right decisions, your parents could enjoy a happier, healthier life.