Safety Features To Look For In Senior Housing


If your elderly family member is unable to care for themselves or safely live on their own, you may be preparing to place them in a senior housing facility, nursing home, or assisted living facility. There are many factors you need to consider when selecting one of these facilities, such as the location, cleanliness, friendliness of the staff, and activities they offer your loved one. However, in addition to these factors, you need to consider what safety features the housing center offers and the condition of these features. Here are a few safety features you should pay attention to when looking at a senior housing facility.


If your loved one walks unassisted, you will want to pay attention to the location of handrails throughout the facility.While handrails are traditionally found near stairs, in senior facilities they may be placed down the walls in hallways or common meeting areas. Having hallway or handicap handrails can give your loved one extra balance if they do not yet use a cane or walker.

Bathroom Facilities

There are many safety features you should pay attention to when it comes to the bathroom facilities in senior housing. A safe bathroom facility will likely have toilet handrails and shower grab bars so your loved one can stabilize themselves as they sit up from the toilet or stand in the shower. A shower bench may also be present so your loved one can sit while bathing. Or a bathtub transfer bench may be present to help your loved one in or out of a traditional tub. And a walk-in bathtub may also be offered. Pay attention to the condition of these features and how well-maintained they are to find a facility with the features that your loved one will need.

Call Lights

The last safety feature you want to pay close attention to is call lights. If your loved one were to slip and fall or need help, how would they notify staff? Most nursing homes or assisted living facilities use call lights. However, these lights may be placed high up on the wall where a standing person could reach them. A person who has fallen may be unable to reach them. Pull strings, wearable alert systems, and other devices can be used that allow your loved one to contact the staff without needing to stand up. Look at what devices the housing facility you are looking at uses when selecting a nursing home.

There are many factors you have to consider when selecting a nursing home or senior housing facility for your loved one. Looking at the safety features that are offered will help you hone in on the care facility that is best for your elderly loved one.

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23 May 2016

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