3 Tips For Running Successful Meetings At Assisted Living Facilities


When planning a meeting for residents of an assisted living facility, there are specific considerations that you must take into account. For example, seniors living in such a facility often have physical limitations, which is why they're living at an assisted living facility. If you're planning an upcoming meeting with seniors, here are three tips to ensure your meeting goes well.

Use a Font That's Easy to Read

Many seniors suffer from deteriorating eyesight that can make it difficult to read. Printed materials, however, can make it much easier for meeting attendees to follow along. So to make sure the seniors at your meeting can read your print-outs, you should use a font that's easy to read. Specifically, Janine Kunin recommends using a font size of 12 or 14 point type, and making sure there is space between the text. Stick with a standard font, such as Times New Roman, make it bigger than normal, and use two spaces between your sentences. This will make your printed material both official-looking and easy to read.

Offer to Bring Attendees Refreshments

If any refreshments are provided during the meeting, offer to personally bring them to attendees in their seats. Some seniors may have trouble carrying a plate or coffee to their seat and need help. Recognizing this need and providing assistance is a kind gesture -- and it could help you establish credibility with attendees before the meeting even begins.

End Your Meeting on Time

When starting your meeting, let everyone present know when the meeting will adjourn -- and then stick to that time.

Ending your meeting on time will ensure seniors that have another matters to attend to are able to leave on time without disturbing the gathering. Even though some attendees may be enthralled and want to know more on the topic being discussed, there may be others who are bored and want to leave. Additionally, some attendees may have another obligation or simply need to use the bathroom.

If people are still asking questions when it comes time to end your meeting, mention that it's time for the meeting to end. Explain that people can continue asking questions, but anyone that needs to leave should feel free to. This will let you continue talking about your topic with interested parties, and it'll let people who want or need to leave do so.

No matter what kind of meeting you have planned, whether you're providing information, making a sales pitch or even leading a worship service, keep these tips in mind. They'll help ensure your event goes well and seniors benefit from coming.

For additional info, talk with the representatives at the assisted living facility. 


19 May 2016

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