7 Signs It's Time For Assisted Living


Are you caring for a loved one who requires intensive care? Do you know somebody who lives alone but may be struggling to continue doing so? Are you worried about your parents living alone? Assisted living may offer a key way for you to ensure that your loved one is cared for. Not sure if it is time for assisted living? These signs may help you determine that it is. 

1. You don't think the current living environment is safe.

Even with modifications to a home, it is not always easy to feel secure knowing that your loved one will not be hurt. You can invest wheelchair-accessible ramps and grab bars for the shower, but accidents do still happen. If falls and similar incidents seem to keep happening, assisted living may be the next best step.

2. Your loved one would benefit from a fitness routine.

Assisted living facilities offer quite a bit of fitness programs. You can find a program that specializes in yoga, Zumba, and other safe forms of exercise. Seniors benefit from social activities as well as maintaining a solid flow of circulation.

3. Your loved one spends a lot of time alone.

Socializing is an essential aspect of life for anybody. In an assisted living facility, your loved one will have plenty of opportunities to interact with those of a similar age.

4. Your loved one is unable to cook healthy meals.

Unfortunately, some medical conditions may make it difficult to cook healthy meals safely. In some cases, it is simply unappealing to cook for just one person. You can prevent malnutrition by encouraging your loved to consider an assisted living facility, where healthy meals are regularly served.

5. Your loved one seems to wander a lot.

One of the scariest signs of dementia is wandering. If you notice that your loved one has a desire to walk out of the house for no reason, you should be thinking about a new assisted living situation. Falls and injuries increase with wandering as well, especially in a multi-level home.

6. Your loved one is becoming more aggressive.

Verbal and physical aggression are common with dementia, and much of it becomes directed toward those caring for the loved one. Sometimes this leads to sexual aggression too.

7. You are too stressed out to provide good care.

If you find yourself feeling too stressed out to provide adequate care for your loved one, you need a break. Many assisted living facilities offer short respite care sessions so that you can ensure that you are taking care of yourself.

It is never too late to consider assisted living if you feel that it is time. Your safety and the wellbeing of your loved one are both equally important.


17 May 2016

Helping Mom To Settle In

After I realized that my mom couldn't live on her own anymore, I started shopping for the right assisted living center. It was challenging and she was nervous about making the transition, but I knew that it would be in her best interest. After finding an incredible senior center, I moved her in and she actually started to enjoy the experience. This blog is all about helping your elderly loved ones to settle in, enjoy their time in senior living, and make the most of their new lives. You never know, by making the right decisions, your parents could enjoy a happier, healthier life.